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Kalyanji Anandji Orchestra Live in Concert

with Bollywood Super Stars






Kalyanji Anandji  duo are the famous music directors of indian Film industry for past  60 years  in music composing business and they are the first music directors to start the stage show business trend in India and abroad. Their Shows were named as Kalyanji Anandji Nite, with Raj Kapoor | Chhalia KA Live in concert, Kalyanji Anandji Orchestra.

These stage shows gave platform to many stars and playback singers performing their talent live in front of huge audience. They have done stage shows with so many famous  playback singers like Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Mana Day, Lata Mangeshkar,Ash Bhosle, RD. Burman and many more.

So far they have done almost 2000 stage shows within India in different states for many charitable purposes, for which, the  Government of India has appreciated and has honoured them with the Padma Shri award.

Their overseas Live  in concert stage show business started in 1970's. when they performed first time in Johannesburg,  South Africa
It was an open Air concert with 25,000 audience crowd then the same show was done  again in Durban with public demand.

Kalyanji Anandji's  world tour of live in concert with Bollywood super Star Amitabh Bachchan created the history in show business which started in 90's. The show was  called JUMMA CHUMMA CONCERT- LIVE IN CONCERT WITH MANY FILM INDUSTRY SUPER STARS. They performed in so many countries such as London at wembley Stadium with 65,000 audience, in  USA. New Jersey at Giant Stadium 45,00 crowd,

In Los Angles  & San Francisco. with 20,000 audience. in Houston 15,000 indoor audience crowd &  in Toronto open air Dom in Canada with 40.000 audience and they all were live performance shows & were sold out venues.

K & A. orchestra also went with this concept with Super Star  Amitji to caribbean to Trinidad & Barbados to perform  the same show in a little bit of  different style. Calypso & Reggae style music added to indian songs and they also performed in Caribbean style bhojpuri music which they call over their Chutney music, Public was mad and they appreciated this concert very much  Again a new trend set in show business by K&A. .

In caribbean their younger brother named Babla Shah also a Music Director  ( Disco Dandia ) is very famous for producing bhojpuri style music and his concerts shows over there. In Caribbean we are known as Bablas Brothers Kalyanji Anandji.  Babla & Laxmikant Pyarelal were Assitant Music composers to Kalyanji Anandji Band.
After this Tour again  they did one more very big open air show in London and in New Jersey. USA with the Godfather of the film Industry Dilip Kumar and were joined with other 20 superstars. Kalyanji anandji made so many stars sing live on stage in Giant stadium show including Dilip Kumar.  
Most of these overseas Live in Concerts shows were conducted by Music Maestro Anandji shah,  as his brother kalyanjibhai stayed home due to his ill  health issues.

Then in 1990's Anandjibhai started his own new concept to teach and give new platform to new upcoming singers & performer on the stage and the show was named as Little Stars.  Again these shows were taken abroad to be promoted. To obtain the Visas for USA. tour these students performed full show in US Mumbai USA  Embassy to convince them  that  what youngster under the age of 15 years can do on stage and they were very impressed with their performance and they granted them visa to all the performers and to all the musicians next day.

All of their stage shows were again sold out in London at Wembley Arena t and in 10 states in USA. This was  the the first time the young talented children show was organised & created by Anandji Shah From this event so many new play back singers are singing today performs in film industry today.
Today so many children shows are created which we sea these days on our TV. screen including so many award function shows with so many new film stars &  play back singers sponsored by different Event companies.
Here are some of the show business, publicity  poster which K&A performed.