About Kalyanji Anandji

Music Maestros Kalyanji Anandji

Kalyanji  Anandji are two brothers  and are originally  from town called Kunrodi  in Kutch, Gujarat district in India. They are sons of Virji Premji a business man who migrated from Kutch to Maharashtra in Bombay 80 years ago.. They had their first Music Room at place called Mangal Wadi in Girgaon, Mumbai and once they got married they shifted to pedder road near Mahalami temple. They also made their new music hall nearby their resident at  Vimla Mahal building, opposite Jas Lock hospital on pedder Road, Mumbai. All their settings were heals at night by the producers, actors and lyric writers would decide on the script of the movies, songs and the outdoor shooting locations at these music hall.

They started their small General provisional shop with the father in Mangal Wadi, in Girgaon 1950’s. Kalyanji  the elder brother then  started his own  career as   a musician and played Clavioline  an imported instrument in film called Nagin in 1954  and the song   Man Dole  and  Nagin  instrumental been tune gave him the break in the film industry. During this period they performed few stage shows also with their small band orchestra.

Kalyanji’s first film break was  Samrat Chandra Gupt in 1959. After that next release was Post Box. NO. 999 when Anandji  Shah the younger brother joined him in music business as full time member and the duos new  name was created in the Film Industry as   as Kalyanji  Anandji- Music Director. After that they never looked back for work in this field. The total film they cored music for till now is 310 movies and still some more unfinished movies to be released yet.

Kalyanji  Anandji duo has scored  so many melodious music for the Indian film Industry from 1959 till this day. There was a time when once upon a time seven movies in Mumbai were released at the same time in all major cinema hall and in all the movies the music was scored by these Music Maestro  Kalyanji    Anandji.

K&A started performing their live in concert stage shows with their orchestra named  Kalyanji  Anandj Nights.    They have also performed so many charitable free shows for the Police & Army force for the good causes to raise funds for so many organisations in need.

Kalyanji  Anqandji  has given so many memorable musical songs & background music to   so many producers in Indian Film Industry from 1954 till now. Kalyanji Anandji  were the first music director to be awarded by the biggest institute award called Cini Music Industry.

Later on again from the musical family, their    younger brother also joined the team named Babla Shah, the King of Rhythm and Disco Dandia creator in India. He is the best rhythm player in film industry.   The musician’s orchestra team became much stronger and powerful. Again in 1960’s Laxmikant  Payarelal also joined them as an assistant music director to create wonderful melodious songs. Later on LP got separated from K& A and started their own music composing business.

Kalyanji   Anandji Duo has scored music for almost 310 movies so far and some of them are still not released yet by the producers due to some reasons. Many of them were sliver, Golden & Platinum disc jubilees.  For recording  so many  Patriotic lyric’s  songs the government of India has also  awarded them with the  Padmashree  award to both these brothers for creating such a  good memorable  meaningful  patriotic songs  in Upkar film like a  song  Mere Desh ki Dharti & Bharat ka rahne  wala hu . So far 300 trophies and many awards from different organisation has been awarded to these two brothers for creating such a good memorable songs

Kalyanji  Anandji Duo    are the first music directors to start the trend of  live in concert shows business  trend with  many play back singers & with  superstar actor and actress of  our India film industry. Live shows Concerts performing abroad trend was stated by these brothers many years ago. The biggest stadium Live shows they have performed with 50 musicians orchestra was with Super the star like Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor and Rekha with  other supporting  actors  performing live concert. Open Air stadium Crowd of 60,000 attended in UK & USA. Today this show business has been taken over by so many TV.  Media Channel & different promotion & sponsorship companies as Award functions shows. These days you see Anandji in Sony Indian IDOL Shows.

Kalyanji  Anandji  has also trained  so many new generation of talented play back singers into this field so that the  future generation should  continue singing in Indian film industry. They have created their own singing training school for young children. Academy names are Little Stars and Little wonders. These Live talented show performances also did well in India and abroad.  And the shows like Sare  Re Ga Ma serial  started with presenter  Sonu Nigam by Gajender Sing for the TV. Audience with support of these two brothers. .

Today their hard work and creation of soulful melodies speaks for itself. No other music directors have lasted for so long. Today most of their old number songs are remixed and copied by so many new upcoming producers and artist abroad for whom they get very little royalties from the IPRS body. One thing is fact that these two brothers did not work for the money in this industry. They always believed in giving good songs and background music to all their producers. They cared for their goodwill and name.

Today elder brother Padmashree Kalyanjibhai is no more in this world, but his younger brother Anandji shah at the age of 88 years also   still continues to promote the new talents in the industry. K&A stopped giving music and now their sons have taken over the business. Music Director Viju Kalyanj shah & Music Director & Show promoter Deepak Anandji Shah has taken over the business.